Golden Ear Award 2008

The Absolute Sound verleiht uns je einen Golden Ear Award 2008 für den Raven AC und den Raven One. Eine schöne Auszeichnung unserer Arbeit, auf die wir sehr stolz sind!

"This beautiful,superbly crafted, copper topped, three motor`table from Germany`s Thomas Woschnick ( the TW of TW Acustic) has garnered rave reviews worldwide. It surely deserves them as it reproduced the duration of musical notes - from starting transientto steady-state tone to decay - with grweater completeness and resolution than anything else I`ve yet heard. The result is astonishingly beautiful (and lifelike) reproduction of timbre and dynamic nuance."
(Zitat: Jonathan Valin, Golden Ear Award 2008)

"Here's a company to watch. Whether you're Looking at the fully tricked-out, three motor, $18,000 Raven AC3 (see JV's review in Issue 180) or this entry-level model, TW Acustic turntables are exeptionally musical, detailed, beautifully made, and of high value. Sharing much of the AC-3's technology from the high-torque microprocessor-controlled, quartz-referenced DC motor to the specially formulated composite plinth material to the bearing assembley, and beyond the Raven One is the best high-end turntable value I know of."
(Zitat: Wayne Garcia, Golden Ear Award 2008)