Soundstage May 2008

"The simple goal of spinning a record has a significant new manifestation in the TW ACUSTIC Raven AC. Designer Thomas Woschnick's decade of R&D has created a turntable that can stand among its top-of-the-line peers from other manufacturers. The Raven AC makes a strong statement about the right way for an LP to sound -- with the richness, body and tonal color inherent in live music -- and presents an effective model for dealing with unwanted noise that can blur or mask musical detail. The Raven AC addresses the issues of analog playback in thoughtful ways, and the sonic outcome is hard to argue with. Turntables makers who are committed to their task with singular focus are a rare breed, but some of them do exist. VPI's Harry Weisfeld, Basis Audio's A.J. Conti, and Immedia's Allen Perkins have all created more than one well-received turntable, and each has his own ideas about how to do it. Add Thomas Woschnick to this list. The Raven AC is a rare accomplishment and a fresh new analog voice."
(Zitat: Marc Mickelson)