platter mats


We are offering our customers the possibility of choosing between two platter mats for the TW-Acustic Raven Black Night.

The first option available to you is the thoroughly tried-and-tested Millenium Audio M-Mat. This mat, constructed from 0.3 mm CFK carbon fibre and approx. 0.5 mm thick anti-resonant velvet coating, will bring more precision and sharper contour definition to the sound. In addition, carbon is electrically conductive and reduces static build-up.

At the same time, we also wish to offer you a further option – making available a mat of a superior quality suited to our reference turntable. Yamada-san of Zanden Audio, Japan, has developed a 5 mm thick compound mat for us, and it has totally won us over. The mat consists of two different layers of rubber. The harder of the two compounds sits directly on the turntable’s platter. The softer upper surface generates adhesion and thereby creates a perfect connection between record and turntable. The incomparable dynamics that distinguish our turntable from the rest remain fully unnrestricted, but the musical reproduction appears clamer and more composed because there is now no perceptible pickup noise at all. In addition, the mat lends the music an aura of silkiness and exclusive musicality.

We are happy to advise you as to which option best suits your system concept.

Tonearm & platter mats